Welcome To The CCR!

Welcome to the California Congress of Republicans

The California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a grass-roots political organization, founded in 1989 and permanently chartered by the California Republican Party. The CCR is built upon the shared Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes to create genuine economic opportunities, individual liberty, personal responsibility and leadership in world freedom.

The CCR Organizing Convention in Burbank was a big success!

April 21-23, 2017

Congrats to the new Board!


CCR Board and Select Division Vice Presidents


Peter Coe Verbica– President, sparcgop@gmail.com

Mark Hershey– First Vice Presidenrt

RJ Kelley– Treasurer

Sharon Durbin– Secretary

Pam Corradi– Membership Secretary

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Peter Coe Verbica


4/25/17- A revitalized California Congress of Republicans (“CCR”) gathered its members, delegates, and guests this weekend in Burbank, California as they elected a new Board of Directors, and discussed a new vision for the future of California Republicans.

Guest speakers at the CCR convention included Burbank Mayor Jess Talamantes, California Assembly Members Vince Fong (R – Bakersfield) and Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale), Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox, California Republican Party Chair and former California Senator Jim Brulte and Scripps College Economics Professor Sean Flynn.

Newly-elected President, Peter Coe Verbica, senior financial advisor and current head of SPARC, CCR’s Silicon Valley chapter, will serve as leader of CCR. “We envision an inclusive Republican Party in California.  We are the party of hope and opportunity for all Californians,” Verbica stated.  “We know what works and we have clearly seen what doesn’t work.  Californians want a clear path to the best schools, reasonable gasoline and income taxes, dams and roads which are maintained, and land use policies which allow for affordable homes.”

Additional incoming board officers elected to CCR leadership include new First Vice President, Mark Hershey, a retired sheriff’s deputy from the Santa Clarita Chapter; Treasurer R.J. Kelly, USMC (ret.), a CPA from the Santa Clarita Chapter; Recording Secretary Sharon Durbin, a retired nurse from the Hemet Chapter; and, Membership Secretary Pam Corradi from the Hollywood Chapter.  Division Vice Presidents from throughout the State of California were also elected at the conference.

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